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Offering on location mindful meditation and stress reduction in N.Y.C.

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Meditation for Everyone

Meditation is for everyone ..yes even you ! Sex, age, nationality, religion, experience.. these are all non factors when beginning a practice of meditation. Anyone can meditate. Anywhere. Anytime. 

The notion that in order to meditate you must sit in silence for hours at a time  can often be a barrier to those contemplating whether meditation is a practice they can begin and sustain .I am here to guide you and show you that meditation along with additional stress reduction techniques such as breath work , aromatherapy and visualization can be a welcome ,healthy and fun addition to your life in as little as 15 minutes a day!

How Meditation Can Help You

When is the last time you gave time yourself? How are you feeling physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually? 

A practice of meditation has proven to positively benefit all of the above . 

Some physical benefits may include great sleep, slowing the aging process, stress reduction, deep relaxation, boosting serotonin, better circulation and less muscle tension.

Mental benefits may include : help overcoming OCD, quieting that pesky mind chatter ,increased focus and concentration, enhancing your mind-body connection, enhancing a positive mindset and more balanced thought.

Seeking to control anger? Cure your anxiety ?Stress less? Become more compassionate ? Meditation can assist in the emotional support you seek. 

And while meditation is non denominational it most certainly can enhance your life spiritually by awakening your intuition, deepening your awareness and connectedness while enhancing your peace of mind. 

What is Buddha of the Barrio ?

 Buddha of the Barrio was a vision created by owner Jena M. after she began practicing meditation in her building community room in the heart of El Barrio, NYC. The program abruptly ended leaving her with no other options than attending an overpriced studio or beginning a journey of self practice , education and certification on her own.She chose the road less traveled in hopes of bringing meditation to people in their own homes,communities ,workspaces and places where there is limited access to meditation programs and education.The ultimate vision is to share the  benefits of mindfulness based stress reduction and meditation for beginners in a non judgemental, non intimidating space.. the comfort of their own space ! Buddha of the Barrio is commited to giving back to the community .If you would like to bring the program to your community please contact us and we will be glad to work with you !

Buddha of the Barrio meditation sessions and parties are affordable, fun ,relaxing, informative and open to all who may be ready for the journey!

Jena M. is a Certified Meditation Practitioner and Certified Stress Reduction Coach .Jena spent many years serving the as a Licensed Funeral Director as well. She currently resides in N.Y.C with her husband James and stinky fur baby Franklin .

"Within the barrio a buddha was born..a lotus rising from the cracks in the concrete jungle" -Jena M.


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